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„I shape my life the way I like it.“
Pippi Longstocking

The Secrets of Pro-Age: Becoming more energetic and learn about your energy sources in this yoga retreat in Alicante 2024

How do you live your life the right way? Can you steer your life towards the positive with small changes? This inspirational journey offers you a mental break filled with joy while providing you with the tools to independently find balance in your life.

Contents of the Yoga Week: Together, we practice selected yoga positions and mindfulness every day, delving into your mindset. The yoga classes consist of Deep Flow & Yin Yoga and are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. In the mindset sessions, you’ll learn the theory of NLP coaching & mental leadership and the most effective exercises for them. In the theory sessions, you’ll gain background knowledge and an introduction to mindfulness teachings.

So, after this vacation, you will effortlessly acquire the knowledge that has been missing for you… To be able to change your life with ease upon returning home—just as you’ve always envisioned.“



April 8th – 12th 2024

May 13th – 17th 2024

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Feedback from the participants:

„As expected, it was once again one of the most rejuvenating times for me. A vacation just for myself… with great relaxing and sometimes challenging yoga sessions, overall always extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. A perfect blend of effort and relaxation with delicious food and a lovely hotel by the beautiful white sandy beach. The coaching sessions, even after my ’second time,‘ were inspiring, motivating, and clarifying at the same time. Thank you for the good conversations and your empathetic manner.“

„I’m thinking about what constructive feedback I can give you. But I can’t think of anything. You led the group wonderfully at all times, both in terms of sports/professionalism and on a personal level.“

„This week was simply amazing for me. I learned a lot about myself, gained insights, and of course, was able to unwind.“

„I was fortunate to be part of your yoga week. I want to thank you once again for the amazing yoga sessions. After each session, I felt stretched, strengthened, and relaxed. You introduced many new, effective exercises and variations to me. And your guidance was always pleasant, humorous, and precise. Having worked for many years as a course instructor and continuing to be active as a consultant & coach (currently on parental leave), I bring quite a bit of experience in this field, and I truly appreciate your classes :).“


☀️ AGENDA ☀️

Sunday (optional) 
7:45 PM Meeting point: Hotel lobby 
8:00 PM Welcome dinner

9:00 AM Yoga Introduction and Deep Flow Yoga on the Beach (Root), 60 Min.
10:15 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Theory and Practice Session: NLP
12:00 PM Break or Extra Activity
4:30 PM Theory and Practice Session: Mindfulness
5:45 PM Yin Yoga (Earth), 60 Min.
7:00 PM Drinks & Tapas at „Alma de Mar“

8:00 AM Deep Flow Yoga – Sun Salutations (Sacral), 30 Min.
9:15 AM Breakfast
11:55 AM Theory and Practice Session: NLP
1:00 PM Break or Extra Activity
3:00 PM Departure to Alicante – Old Town and Castle Walk
7:00 PM Group Dinner in Alicante Old Town

9:00 AM Deep Flow Yoga (Twists), 60 Min.
10:15 AM Breakfast
11:15 AM Theory and Practice Session: NLP
12:15 PM Break or Extra Activity
4:00 PM Yin Yoga (Fire) with Meditation, 60 Min.
5:15 PM Theory and Practice Session: Mindfulness

9:00 AM Deep Flow Yoga (Heart Opening), 60 Min.
10:15 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Theory and Practice Session: NLP
12:15 PM Break or Extra Activity
3:00 PM Bus departure for a light coastal hike in sneakers (approx. 3 hours with bus ride and breaks)
5:30 PM After-Hiking Drinks on the Beach

8:30 AM Deep Flow Yoga (Dimensions of Movement) on the Beach, 60 Min.
9:45 AM Breakfast
12:15 AM Yin Yoga (Space) & Affirmations Meditation, 75 Min.
14:00 PM Farewell Dinner on the Beach

Activities: A wonderful coastal hike, a city tour of Alicante including a visit to the castle Extras you can book: 1:1 coaching, clarity discussion, massage, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), running school, yoga technique, horseback riding, bike tours In the evenings, we gather for group dinners at various restaurants on most days. All activities are, of course, voluntary.

About Me: Carina Simm I have over 30 years of experience as a trainer and presenter in group fitness and over 25 years of experience as a personal trainer and coach in Sweden, USA, and Germany. For 20 years, I have owned a small studio, Balance House, in Berg am Starnberger See in Germany. My motto for everything is „Balance Your Life“: achieving and maintaining the balance between movement, nutrition, and mental well-being. For over 25 years, I have been regularly traveling to Alicante several times a year. My husband and I have explored the hinterland through mountain biking, leading to the initiation of the major Bike Magazine Warm-up Camp 12 years ago. Over time, I have built a vast network of contacts in Alicante and the surrounding areas and am familiar with a wide range of activities.

My Credentials: BSc in Biochemical Engineering, Dipl. Business Administration in Management & Organizational Behavior and Marketing, Licensed Practitioner of NLP (R. Bandler), NLP MASTER COACH, Master in Time Line Therapy (Dr. Tad James), SAFS Qualified Personal Trainer, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (450 hrs), Yin Yoga Teacher, Body&Mind Trainer, Les Mills Team Leader and Program Specialist for all LM Cycling Programs, Coach for Les Mills Advanced Instructors, Les Mills National Trainer and AIM Trainer for Body Balance, RPM, SPRINT, and Body Combat. Body Pump Instructor and Presenter, Aerobic B-License, SAFS/Beta, Body&Mind Trainer, Body Art Instructor, Pilates Instructor.

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F: Do you need to already know yoga?
A: No, you don’t have to. I always assess who is present and adjust the classes accordingly. Most of the time, I teach mixed classes so that beginners and advanced practitioners can follow along well.
F: How often is yoga held per day?
A: Yoga is held twice a day on three days. On two afternoons, we will go on an excursion.
F: Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
A: Basic yoga mats are available on-site.
F: What styles of yoga are taught?
A: Primarily Deep Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga.